About us

510K FDA Consulting has provided consulting services for more than 30 years, having cleared petitions ranging from x-radiation generators (portable, extraoral and pan/ceph/3D x-ray), orthopedic external fixators, and dental imaging products (intraoral cameras, digital sensors and imaging software), to long-established denture base resins and cutting-edge CAD/CAM 3D “additive printing” devices.

Clients love our hands-on touch. 510K FDA offers a dedicated staff to deliver what you need, and that is fast clearance of your medical device for sale in the U.S., Canada, or Europe.

So come meet the team…

Claude D. Berthoin

A native of France who has made America his home for the past forty years, Claude first ventured into the FDA 510(k) Premarket Notification program in 1990, registering his own products. That exposure led to device manufacturers across Europe, Asia, and the Americas seeking help with the introduction of new medical and dental products into the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Claude is married with two children. His hobbies center on family, work and travel, with a particular passion for exploring his native Europe each summer.

W. Lee Strong

Lee is your first point of contact with 510K FDA Consulting. His background is working in information technology, dental x-ray, product management, and quality system certification.  He answers your questions and emails, working with you all the way through to the final clearance of your device(s).

Karen Nolan

Staff Photo--Karen

Karen is a proven leader in project management, organization management, and business processes for the Federal Government and the private enterprise. Her strong technical skills in operation research, cost and economic analysis, regulatory documents, combined with her leadership skills have been recognized with numerous awards and opportunities in the area of organization management and business processes.

Karen has joined the team as a 510(k) Consultant. Her Federal Government background will benefit our clients.